Please call Guy on 07766 861405 if you have any questions or queries and please call the office on 07710 847714 for any administrative queries or email



For troubleshooting appliances or equipment in the kitchen, please see our trailer manual. Do not attempt to fix any of the equipment yourself. If you cannot find the answer to your question or problem, or it is an emergency please contact us.

What to do if you breakdown?
Andrew McCabe 07538 368 825 (24 hrs)
Evean Recovery 020 7476 3000 (24 hrs)
Kavanagh Rescue and Recovery 020 8394 4999 (24 hrs)

What to do if you have a flat tyre?
There is a spare tyre and jack in the field kitchen. Please see the trailer manual for further instructions.
Do not attempt to change a tyre if you have no previous experience.

What to do if you run out of gas?
If you run out of gas during your hire period please find your nearest Flogas stockiest here where you will be able to exchange empty bottles for full bottles.